Trial flights

If you would like to try wildfowling before buying new guns or equipment please fill out the form on the right

Why a trail flight?. If you have never been wildfowling before there is much to learn before you venture out onto the marsh alone. The good news is the DW&CA can help in many ways and we can arrange accompanied flights for only £15 if you would like to try wildfowling before committing your self to the sport. This offer isn't available from September 1st to the 21st, December 20th to January 1st or in February


What you will need for your flight? A good waterproof coat, waders, or if you don't have any, wellies and waterproof trousers, a good hat, a game bag and your gun, in a gunslip, if it is suitable for heavy loads (Check with your local gunshop if you are unsure If not we can lend you a gun) and a few non toxic cartridges.(Again check with your local gunshop if you are unsure). Your dog is welcome if it's under control


What can you expect to see? Each day is different but you may see Canada geese, Greylag geese, Mallard, Widgeon, Teal and assorted other waterside birds.


What might I shoot? Any of those named above are possible. It's unlikely you will get more than a few shots even on a good day (such is wildfowling) so don't buy more than a box of cartridges


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